Rescued teenage girls find the heroes who rescued them from the sea off the Donegal coast

Update: 3pm The teenage girls have found the body boarders who rescued them off the Donegal coast at the weekend.

Rescued teenage girls find the heroes who rescued them from the sea off the Donegal coast

One of the bodyboarders identified, Martin Traynor from Monaghan, says he's happy there was a happy ending.

He said: "I feel very good that the girls are okay, I wouldn't class myself as a hero, but it's very good that they're okay.

"It's a very happy ending."

Earlier A group of teenage girls had a lucky escape off the coast of Donegal at the weekend and are looking for their rescuers.

The four girls got into trouble whilst swimming at Main Beach in Bundoran around 6.30pm on Saturday after getting caught in a rip current.

Somebody spotted them and dialled 999 to summon the local lifeboat crew, but despite only taking a few minutes to get on the scene, the Bundoran Lifeboat found that the girls had already been helped to safety by a number of bodyboarders who were also in the water.

The girls were airlifted to Sligo University Hospital as a precaution and released shortly after being given the all-clear.

Now they’re putting out a call to their gallant rescuers, via the Bundoran Lifeboat Station Facebook page, to come forward so that they can thank them in person.

Bundoran RNLI, who have also posted a timely warning about rip currents, also said that the rescuers can contact them via their email.

In the post, the RNLI gave the following advice for anyone who is caught in a rip current:

* Don’t try to swim against it or you’ll get exhausted.

* If you can stand, wade don’t swim.

* If you can, swim parallel to the shore until free of the rip and then head for shore.

* Always raise your hand and shout for help.

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