This is why Sudocrem is called Sudocrem

Sudocrem is an absolute staple in Irish households, seemingly used for every ailment imaginable.
This is why Sudocrem is called Sudocrem

But how much do you really know about this wonderful white elixir, which turns 85 this year?

It’s a Dublin institution

Developed in 1931 to treat nappy rash by Dublin pharmacist Thomas Smith, the classic formula has remained unchanged and the 34.4 million pots sold worldwide every year are still manufactured in Baldoyle, Dublin.

Sorry, it’s pronounced SudoCREM not SudoCREAM

We can thank the Dublin accent for that.

Originally called "soothing cream" Dubliners pronounced it "suud-ing crem" - and they changed the name to Sudocrem in 1950 to reflect that.

The Netherlands was the first country outside of Ireland and England to stock the the antiseptic healing cream

It’s sold in over 50 countries worldwide - Middle Eastern countries are big importers.

In Belgium, it is called Dermocrem as Sudocrem is apparently a bit of a rude word there

It’s a key part of beauty regimens worldwide - Cheryl Cole and Scarlett Johansson are fans.

So there you have it.


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