The face that reminds us of humanity behind refugee crisis

This five-day-old newborn is one of the over 6,500 refugees who have been rescued off the Libyan coast in the last two days.

The face that reminds us of humanity behind refugee crisis

The story of this child - and remarkably his twin brother - has been highlighted by the charity, Medecins Sans Frontier, who in a series of tweets in the last two days have highlighted the ongoing devastation caused by forced migration in the Mediterranean .

In a follow up to this tweet the charity revealed the new born was one of two twins who had been rescued with their mother.

Earlier today the charity released this tweet highlighting the tragic story behind a young man who is pictured cradling his new born child.

Meanwhile, the L.E. James Joyce - the Irish navy vessel on a humanitarian mission in the Med, revealed it has rescued 165 migrants in recent days.

Most of those rescued are from Eritrea and Somalia and have been brought to safety in Italy.

Regular updates and imagery from the unfolding crisis in the Med are supplied by MSF on their twitter account, @MSF_Sea.

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