What to watch on TV this week

A group of elderly women travel to Amsterdam to try marijuana in A Granny’s Guide To The Modern World on Wednesday at 11pm on Channel 4.

What to watch on TV this week


Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach 

BBC Two, 9.10pm

Not unsurprisingly, the self-effacing Ken Loach didn’t take part in this documentary about his 50 years of film-making.

Instead, we get his son and a range of collaborators talking about the man who gave us such films as Kes, The Wind That Shakes The Barley and numerous other films dealing with social and historical issues.

Other Voices

RTÉ2, 11.05pm

Footage of performances from the Other Voices stage at the Electric Picnic last year, with performances from thelikes of Glen Hansard, Booka Brass Band, and Ham Sandwich.


Creedon’s Epic East

RTE One, 6.30pm

We normally associate Marty Morrissey with Co Clare, but he pops up on this show with John Creedon in Athlone. Other exotic creatures the Corkman encounters on his eastern travels includes Bressie in Westmeath.

The Secret Agent

BBC One, 9pm

The concluding episode of the period political thriller has the various characters dealing with the aftermath of the Greenwich bomb.

Dragons’ Den

BBC Two, 9pm

Maps you can wear, and interference-free guitar cables are among the pitches the Dragons hear tonight.

World Cup 1966: Alfie’s Boys

BBC Two, 10pm

Even those Irish soccer fans who take great pleasure in England’s early exits from modern tournaments will probably have a soft spot for the team who won the World Cup in 1966.

The likes of Bobby Charlton and Bobby Moore were at the heart of an affable bunch in an era when in terms of both income and outlook, players were still classed as “ordinary” people.

To underline this fact, the BBC has even drafted in David “Del Boy” Jason to narrate this account of Alf Ramsey’s team progress all the way through the tournament.



BBC One, 8.30pm

BBC reporter Rupert Wingfield-Hayes presents his account of a visit to North Korea earlier this year in which he was expelled from the country.

There are signs that the economy in the isolated country is actually improving, so Wingfield-Hayes looks into this, as well as levels of loyalty to the country’s leader Kim Jong-un.

Shortscreen: The Elephant is Contagious

RTÉ2, 11.55pm

Short film based on the poem by Eabha Rose.


Inside The Factory: Crisps

BBC Two, 8pm

Gregg Wallace is in the Walkers factory in Leicester to see 27 tonnes of potatoes turned into 5m packets of crisps in the space of just 24 hours. We also see the production of Monster Munch from corn.

The Walking Dead 

RTÉ2, 10.40pm

The recent Comic Con in the US ensured that the hype is already building for season seven in October, but in the meantime we get another two episodes from the sixth series.

Alexandria is readjusting in the aftermath of the Wolves’ attack, while Daryl is captured in what will prove to be a fateful encounter with three strangers.

Inside Obama’s White House

RTÉ One, 11.40pm

The final episode of the excellent series looks at the American president’s second election victory and his mixed results in dealing with issues such as guns and race relations.


Gogglebox: Brexit Special

Channel 4, 9pm

In decades to come, documentary-makers will probably use the footage from this show to illustrate the mood of the British nation as it stumbled towards an exit from the EU.

This one-off special features the regular households commenting on the various Brexit-related issues that have popped up since that fateful vote.

A Granny’s Guide To The Modern World

Channel 4, 11pm

There have always been generation gaps, but the recent advent of the digital age, as well as the ever speedier shifts in youth culture, have made it increasingly difficult for older people to keep up.

In this three-part series, Barry Humphries (aka Dame Edna) and a group of older people find out the difference between Grindr and Tinder, and learn to identify grime music.

The subtleties of political correctness and race are also explained, and a trio of elderly ladies travel to Amsterdam for their first experience of marjiuana.


The 80s With Dominic Sandbrook

BBC Two, 9pm

Are the 1980s really that far away that they are now worthy of a history show? Afraid so.

Inevitably, Margaret Thatcher looms large in Dominic Sandbrook’s new three-part series, but there are also segments on what was a really interesting time for youth culture in the post-punk era.

Gift Of Hearing

BBC Two, 11.05pm

One of the most moving YouTube clips you’ll ever see is the footage of Jo Milne hearing for the first time when her cochlear implants were switched on at the age of 40.

Unfortunately the Ushers syndrome that made her deaf from birth has also started to affect her sight and she is now going blind as well.

Before that happens, however, she has been working to help as many deaf children as possible to hear.

This documentary follows her on a trip to Bangladesh to provide hearing aids to hundreds of children.


Fulham v Newcastle Sky Sports 1, ko 7.45pm

While the Olympics will get most of the hype this weekend, the soccer season returns in England, with the Championship kicking off a week before the top tier.

This game features two promotion hopefuls: A home side captained by Scott Parker that are hoping to return to a league to were relegated from in 2014; and the second tier newcomers who’ve managed to retain manager Rafael Benítez and several international-class players.

Highlands — Scotland’s Wild Heart

BBC Two, 9pm

Given that Scotland is so close to Ireland, it’s kind of surprising that it has such a better range of wildlife than this country.

Both mother nature and humankind have a had a hand in this, as the Scots were connected to mainland Europe for far longer than us; and also managed to preserve far more of their forests, not least in the famed Highlands.

Ewan McGregor narrates this four-part documentary series, which includes spectacular super slow-motion footage of an osprey fishing, recorded at 800 frames per second.

Celebrity Big Brother

TV3, 9pm

It’s eviction night as the first batch of housemates faces a public vote.

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