Skyrim Special Edition - can current PC mods match the update?

Skyrim Special Edition is coming in October 2016 and it's going to add a new graphical sheen to Bethesda's 5 year old epic.

That will be an entirely new experience for console gamers but on the PC Skyrim has been getting nipped and tucked for many moons via the modding community. The folks at Eurogamer decided to find out if they could match the upgrades of the remaster with existing mods on the PC and the results are pretty interesting.

There's no doubt that the current mods to an incredible job of changing how the game looks and feels, and that the work put in is remarkable given that it comes from part time hobbyists and fans. However there's something to be said for a professional crew working on a remaster, especially the same company who created the original game.

Both approaches have merit, and the modding version is totally free and available right now. It's strange to see how much warmer Bethesda has made the visuals in Skyrim, but perhaps this trailer was set during magic hour for a prettier product.

Skyrim Special Edition is coming out in October 2016 for Xbox One and PS4, and it will be free on PC to those who already have the game and all the DLC.

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