Book review: The Many Selves Of Katherine North

DEBUT novelist Emma Green’s foray into literary science fiction focuses on Katherine ‘Kit’ North, a 19-year-old who projects her consciousness into animals for research purposes.

Book review: The Many Selves Of Katherine North

Emma Green

Bloomsbury Circus, €18.45; ebook, €11.00

While living as an urban fox, she suffers an ‘incident’ that threatens her job, then her life, as she discovers that the company she has served for seven years is not as it seems.

Green flips between past and present, human and creature to tell Kit’s coming-of-age story, racking up suspense with a deftly handled environmental slant.

It is reminiscent of the Matrix and KA Applegate’s Animorphs series, and, for the first few chapters, does read like a young adult novel with the odd curse word thrown in.

However, Green’s psychological approach to the empathy and disconnection constantly shedding identities causes in its human protagonist lifts The Many Selves of Katherine North into an engaging take on established tropes.

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