Mechanic: Resurrection trailer - Statham is Statham!

The Mechanic didn't seem like the obvious choice for a sequel but here it is and Jason Statham is back doing this thing once more.

The Mechanic from 2011 (itself a remake of a 1972 flick) never seemed like a great candidate for a sequel - it wasn't a whole heap of fun and didn't make much money. It did, however, star Jason Statham, and seemingly nothing can stop this fella from making more movies.

So here's the trailer for Mechanic: Resurrection.

Already the film has a pretty great cast going for it, including the ageless Jessica Alba, Michelle Yeoh and a zany looking turn from a trim Tommy Lee Jones. There's a bit more of a story this time around, and an attempt to make us care about what's happening to Statham and his lady friend.

What it doesn't have is much in the way of fun. Statham's best films are self aware nonsense which rely on wisecracking as much as skullcracking, making this feel like nothing more than a Taken clone, which makes no sense as the star has been around much longer than Liam Neeson's series.

Mechanic Resurrection is in cinemas in August, 2016.

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