Noomi Rapace is now back for Alien Covenant

Noomi Rapace was in for Alien Covenent then out and now she's back in again according to reports - make up your minds!

There's a follow up to Prometheus on the way in the form of Alien Covenant - as you can probably tell from the title this movie will help to bridge the gap to Ridley Scott's 1979 feature Alien. Because everything has to be a shared universe now.

The tale is set some years after the events of Prometheus and we had originally heard that previous star Noomi Rapace would pop up in some kind of prologue to set up the action on a new planet alongside Michael Fassbender's David. That would be a direct follow on to the last film and would certainly make narrative sens.

Then director Scott said that there was no longer any room for Rapace, and now he's changed his mind again. Deadline reports that the Swedish actress is on set in Australia to shoot scenes over a few weeks at least.

No official word has appeared about her involvement and even if it turns out to be true there's no guarantee that she'll be a major part of the plot. Scott has a history of filming a lot of material and trimming out characters, like most of Michael Sheen's part in Kingdom of Heaven. You can be pretty sure she'll at least appear in the directors cut, which Fox will charge more money for sometime in 2018.

Alien Covenant is set for release in August, 2017.

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