Katy Perry's Twitter account hacked

Katy Perry confused her 89 million Twitter followers this morning with a series of bizarre, and oftentimes profanity-laden, tweets.

The most followed account on Twitter was hacked, though those responsible didn't try to hide it. The account tweeted hateful messages, as well as a greeting to supposed archnemesis Taylor Swift.

These tweets were preceded by one that said, “haha follow @sw4ylol #hackersgonnahack.” This account claims to be based in Romania and sent its first tweet on May 29. Interestingly, it also tweeted a link to a SoundCloud song that got hit by a copyright claim by Universal Music Group, as it supposedly was a song by Katy Perry.

Katy Perry isn't the first high-profile target to have her account hacked, and is unlikely to be the last.

Twitter recently revealed that it had found out about a 2013 data breach and required users to reset their passwords. It is unclear if this breach and the hack of Perry's account are connected.

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