Irish Examiner Cork City Marathon Runner of the week: Chris Mcgrath

Each week we profile one of the runners taking part in the ‘Irish Examiner’ Cork City Marathon this June

Irish Examiner Cork City Marathon Runner of the week: Chris Mcgrath

Name: Chris Mcgrath Age: 31

Is it your first time running a marathon?

It is my third; I’ve done Dublin the previous two years.

Why are you running the marathon this year?

I was going to run for the sake of it but decided last minute to raise money for Marymount as i lost my Father before Christmas just gone and sister in 2009 in their care.

What’s your training/diet regime like?

I Run 3/4 times a week. So a long one at the weekend(14-20 miles) one night of hills, one night of intervals and the other is relaxed. My diet is eat everything ill burn it off anyway,

The hardest part so far?

Hardest part is getting up and ready for a long run before 6 am I’ve been training away the past few months; Cork was in my mind for awhile as it is my home marathon, so as my training and my fitness were par i decided to bite the bullet and register and by doing it for charity i can’t pull out now.

Best part so far?

The best part for me is completing my long runs also running with my Club Aghada RC very friendly club if anyone wants to join come along we’re all sound.

One piece of advice to anyone thinking of doing it in the future?

Get a training plan and stick to it, You probably won’t win it, so pace yourself its all about enjoying it and getting to the finish line in one piece

How do you stay motivated to get up at 6am for early run?

Running with someone from my club - Aghada RC helps. When you’re training with someone, it helps you through the longer 15+miles runs, we motivate each other which helps a lot.

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