VIDEO Inferno trailer - only 60 year old Tom Hanks can save us!

After The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons you might have thought we were done with Tom Hanks' rather placid take on Dan Brown's Robert Langdon. Nope.

Inferno sees the super smart Harvard lecturer finding out that a billionaire is about to unleash a plague upon the Earth, kicking off another race against time through some dusty old locations to stop him.

Here's the first teaser trailer for Inferno.

Let's be honest, it looks mostly like a cheaper version of what has come before, with an increasingly aged Hanks looking at stuff which director Ron Howard kindly outlines in startling red so that even people who were looking at their phones for a bit can't miss it.

Hanks wasn't yet 50 when he first appeared as Langdon and even then seemed a little doughy and out of shape for a character who is supposed to be closer to an Indiana Jones type. 10 years on, and we're not sure we can believe he'd be able to dash from one historical location to the next without the aid of a zimmer frame.

He's got some younger help (thankfully not romantic) from Oscar nominee Felicty Jones and a lot of the oddly edited voiceover in the trailer above comes from the always watchable Ben Foster.

Do we sometimes wish for a more fun director and more spry leading man for these movies? Sure, but that's not going to do any good at this stage.

Inferno is out in October 2016.

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