Dan Brown's Inferno teaser asks a tough question

Remember when everyone in the whole world and their mother was reading The DaVinci code? Well that was way back in 2003 when the book first launched, followed by a movie starring Tom Hanks in 2006.

Yep, the first film was 10 years ago and sequel Angels & Demons (which you might even have forgotten existed) came out in 2009. Still, despite terrible reviews and the fact that Hanks is now 60, there's another one on the way.

Inferno is based on Brown's 2013 book of the same name and sees leading character Robert Langdon dealing with a terrible biological weapon - because a Harvard professor is definitely the best person for that job.

A full trailer is due soon, but this teaser poses an interesting question first.

Kill half the world to save the rest, or wait for the inevitable end of things. We're going to go ahead and assume this is a line from the movie, and the voice sounds a little like that of Ben Foster, who features as a scientist. It also seems like it was edited by an intern who wasn't really that interested.

Will this mechanic actually feature in the film? Probably not as director Ron Howard instead spends his time trying to make books and stuff interesting - this time it's Dante Alighieri's Inferno.

Also starring Felicity Jones (who is set to have a big year), Omar Sy and Irrfan Khan, Inferno will release in October, 2016.

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