Entertainment round-up: Meryl Streep’s fags and booze revelation

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Entertainment round-up: Meryl Streep’s fags and booze revelation

  • MERYL STREEP said she gave up singing early on and proceeded to ruin her voice with “smoking, drinking and debauchery”.

Her latest role sees her playing wealthy socialite and opera singer FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS, who became renowned for her lack of musical talent.

Triple Oscar winner Streep said she feels like she is a “B, B+ singer” “very aware of her limitations”.

She told Radio Times: “Much as I would have liked to be a good singer after I began studying opera as a child, I gave it up very early and sort of ruined my voice with smoking, drinking and debauchery.”

HUGH GRANT stars alongside her, playing Florence’s manager and partner, ST CLAIR BAYFIELD.

  • JK ROWLING has apologised to her fans on the 18th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts for killing off Remus Lupin.

The ‘Harry Potter’ author, who marks the May 2 anniversary each year with an apology, said she “didn’t enjoy doing it” as she revealed she never intended to kill off the beloved Marauder Lupin, former Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher and Order of the Phoenix member.

She previously said she planned for Arthur Weasley — Ron’s father — to die but changed her mind when writing the fifth book, Order Of The Phoenix. Lupin, played in the films by DAVID THEWLIS, was murdered in the final book by Death Eater Antonin Dolohov while Tonks was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange, leaving their baby son Teddy an orphan. Rowling admitted the fate of Teddy was “the only time my editor ever saw me cry” in the writing process.

  • Baywatch actor DAVID HASSELHOFF is engaged to his Welsh girlfriend HAYLEY ROBERTS.

The 63-year-old revealed he asked Roberts, 36, to marry him with a romantic proposal during a beach picnic in Malibu. The Hollywood star, known as The Hoff, met Roberts when he was in the UK as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent.

He told Hello! magazine: “I had a saying, ‘You don’t get married because you want to live with someone, you get married because you can’t live without them’. I felt that way.”

  • KEELEY HAWES has revealed she based her recent Shakespearean TV character on Princess Diana.

She stars as Elizabeth Woodville, commoner Queen of King Edward IV, in The Hollow Crown: The War Of The Roses.

The BBC Two title encompasses the three films celebrating Shakespeare this year, consisting of Henry VI (in two parts) and then Richard III, which is broken up into two three-hour films.

She told the Radio Times she was a “Shakespeare virgin” before she started working on The Hollow Crown.

She said: “I didn’t grow up reading Shakespeare and my family certainly weren’t in the habit of going to see the plays in the theatre.

“I was really frightened of it, frightened of the words and of that whole world. But it’s a box I had to tick. I couldn’t get away with not doing Shakespeare any longer.”

Describing her character, she said: “I started reading about the real-life Elizabeth and I decided to see my character as a sort of Princess Diana figure. “Elizabeth is incredibly bright and able — far ahead of her game politically — but she is looked down on by the royal family because she’s been married before.”

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