The new Han Solo might have been found

The Star Wars series has returned in full force (get it!?), with a blockbuster sequel in The Force Awakens and a plan for spin off movies every second year, potentially forever if Disney has its way.

Star Wars Rogue One is due at the end of 2016, with Episode VII to follow in 2017 but fans and filmmakers are already looking beyond that at future plans for 2018. It has already been confirmed that the next spin off will focus on the earlier years of the character of Han Solo, as famously played by Harrison Ford.

Of course they're going to need someone a little younger to play the part and the casting process for the role has been ongoing for months. Numerous names have been mentioned, including Irish fella Jack Reynor and the ever popular Miles Teller. Now it seems a frontrunner has emerged... and it's neither of them.

Deadline reports that Alden Ehrenreich is leading the pack for the highly coveted role. Never heard of him? Well he was a big part of the funniest scene in the Coen's Hail, Caesar!

He's a 26 year old American who has previously popped up in the likes of Tetro, Beautiful Creatures, Stoker and Blue Jasmine, though never in particularly big roles. That makes him all the more appealing for Disney, who would want an actor who doesn't come with previous career associations and isn't too famous - something which we felt put Teller out of the running.

It's also significant that he's at the start of his career because that means he has more space in his schedule to commit to massive undertakings like this and potential sequels, and can be locked in for multiple films for a relatively low cost.

There's been no official word on the casting yet, but directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller will be looking to start production soon to hit that May 2018 release date.

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