The Martian extended cut in the works

If you liked The Martian and thought there just wasnt enough of it to go around then you're in luck because an extended version is coming

Ridley Scott hit big with The Martian in 2015, managing to create a glossy sci-fi film that crossed over into the mainstream thanks to a healthy dose of humour and a charasmatic leading turn by Matt Damon. It's already made a shedload of money and even won several awards.

For fans who really enjoyed the film but thought they could watch a little more there's good news - an exteneded cut is on the way. Director Scott is familiar with adding more footage to his flicks, going back to Blade Runner, Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator, Legend, Alien and others in search of a perfect cut. The filmaker says at least 20 minutes of footage was cut in the editing phase and you'll see a good amount of it back in.

A lot of material from the book was left out of the theatrical cut, so we may see more of that back in, and it's always fun to spend time with Damon's Mark Watney. The film is already close to two and a half hours long though and this isn't a film like Gladiator so hopefully it doesn't end up outstaying its welcome. If nothing else another home video release should be a chance to rollout a great special edition, complete with the feature lengthed making of docs which are most of Scott's disks.

There's no release date yet for this edition but expect more word later in the year if its happening.

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