Some young fella is selling air for £80 a jar

There is a fella in Britain selling jars of air for £80 a pop to the Chinese.

Some young fella is selling air for £80 a jar

How’s that for entrepreneurial spirit?

27-year-old Leo De Watts is making a pretty penny selling bottled air to people in the smog-filled areas of Beijing and Shanghai.

The air is said to be from Dorset, Somerset, Wales, Wiltshire and Yorkshire.

The product called ’Aethaer’ and is typically sold to people with "high disposal incomes" who want to buy an unusual or unique gift.

When opened you can inhale the ’fresh air’ for just a few seconds before it disperses, but a lot of people don’t even open the jar, keeping it as a keep safe.

Mr De Watts, originally from Dorset, now lives in Hong Kong describes his product of the "Louis Vuitton or Gucci" of air.


You know what they say about self praise…


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