Live musicreview: Delorentos - Everyman, Cork

Live musicreview: Delorentos -  Everyman, Cork

Not many people would have predicted, back in 2006, that of the slew of landfill-indie Irish acts (Director, the Flaws, the Rags, the Blizzards), Delorentos would emerge on top, even going stronger in 2015.

The Dublin four-piece have reached that stage of their career where they can try different and interesting things, singer Ro Yourell told a packed Everyman Theatre on Sunday night.

Hence, a ten-date ‘Home Again’ acoustic tour around Ireland, culminating in a triumphant Cork show.

A band this long-in-the-tooth announcing an acoustic tour might be cause for concern, but Delorentos pull it off with ease. These are proper reworkings of their most beloved tracks, offering a different glance at the likes of ‘Bullet in a Gun’ and ‘Everybody Else Gets Wet’. Ro and fellow frontman, Kieran McGuinness, are the stars, but drummer Ross McCormack does get to don his best Neil Young impression for penultimate song, ‘Valley Where The Rivers Run’.

Affable Ro says that on an acoustic tour he feels a pressure to bear his soul, to talk more about the songs. As he muddies through the introduction to one track, he asks, to laughter, how Glen Hansard (playing the Everyman tonight) is able to tell such stories with ease.

Delorentos’ songs mostly deal in the workings of love, but with Ro prefacing the likes of ‘Petardu’ (about trying to find his birth parents) and ‘Swimmer’ (dealing with a horrific death), they take on new meanings and effectiveness.

They mine their 2012 Choice Prize-winning album, Little Sparks, for highlights, while on Night Becomes Light tracks, such as the beautiful ‘Six Months To The Day’, you can almost sense the couples in the crowd inching closer together, throwing their arms around each other and offering a longing kiss on the cheek.

We only get one song, ‘Basis of Everything’, from their almost nine-year-old debut album, but it’s emblematic of the acoustic reworkings and is reborn all these years later — just like the band that bowed to a standing ovation 90 minutes after they took the Everyman stage and ten years after they formed.

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