Book review: Latest Readings

UNLIKE Nick Hornby’s Stuff I’ve Been Reading, Clive James’ collection of essays exploring the literature he’s devoured since being diagnosed with leukaemia, lacks pace and punch.

Book review: Latest Readings

Clive James

Yale University Press, €20.55; ebook, €22.99

Well written yes, but not addictive, and it relies far too heavily on the reader having read as much as James.

It should come with a jacket caveat stating: ‘Please read all of Joseph Conrad’s work before opening’.

Intriguing as much as it is indulgent, James cannot help repeatedly referencing his impending — but not-quite-imminent — death.

Understandable, of course, but it becomes almost blasé. James fans will no doubt be enamoured, but otherwise, stick to your own reading list.

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