This is the heartwarming note discovered in bag of clothing for a refugee

This is the beautiful note found in a bag of clothing in Scotland donated for refugees currently stranded in Calais.

It was found by Angela Kerrigan as she sorted through the mass of items donated to the Killie To Calais group which will be travelling to France later this month.

It reads: “We are strangers. I don’t know who you are, but please stay strong, politics have failed you, but people will save you. We all sleep under the same sky.”

Angela shared it via Twitter and Facebook calling it “just beautiful” and it soon went viral, picking up hundreds of likes and shares across social media.

It has already met the £500 goal to help pay for the trip’s fuel. Money will also be used to buy supplies that haven’t been donated such as first aid kits, shoes in sizes that haven’t been donated, nappies and vacuum bags so that goods can be transported effectively.

To follow the group, visit their Facebook page.

We are so close to target, every share… – Killie to Calais | Facebook


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