LISTEN: Dublin man admits to cheating on wife live on 4FM, gets caught rotten

The Niall Boylan Show on Classic Hits 4FM is used to airing topics of a controversial nature, but last nights show didn’t go according to plan for one caller.

LISTEN: Dublin man admits to cheating on wife live on 4FM, gets caught rotten

A caller named Michael rang the show to take part in a discussion about whether or not you would tell a friend that their partner was having an affair.

Michael had fairly strong feelings against people who ‘ratted’ their friends out for cheating and then revealed that he himself had four ‘one night stands’ in 17 years of marriage.

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What's worse is he claims to have had these flings with friends of his wife.

Needless to say this shocked many of the other callers, as well as the shows host Niall Boylan.

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The discussion went on for another few minutes with Michael being called every name under the sun by several other callers to the show.

That was until another caller, Claire, rang in and Michael became very quiet.

Claire claiming to be a friend of Michael’s wife began to rip shreds out of him live on air.

Michael, at the beginning, believed it to be a ‘wind-up’ but we think he knew full well what he got himself into.

Listen to the the edited Podcast for yourself to hear a situation got from very bad to a whole lot worse.

Following the show, whilst Boylan was talking on air with his team, Michael’s wife apparently contacted the radio station and thanked them.

Judging by her tone, we think it’s safe to assume that Michael is in a hell of a lot of trouble.

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