VIDEO: Meet the Leitrim man who may be about to win the World Cycle Race

Breifne Earley is the only participant left in the gruelling World Cycle Race which comprises of an 11,184 mile bike ride through 25 countries.

VIDEO: Meet the Leitrim man who may be about to win the World Cycle Race

He didn't set out to win it but he may be on the verge of an historic achievement due to his persistence.

While suffering from depression in 2010 Breifne decided to fight his illness which had left him overweight, unhappy in his job and suicidal.

To challenge himself and break free from depression, he decided to complete a marathon, learn how to swim, go on 50 blind dates and cycle around New Zealand.

However, none of these were enough to quench his appetite for adventure and in March last year he began the World Cycle Race to raise funds for charity.

An early leader who raced ahead of the chasing pack meant a swathe of other participants called it quits.

The leader was then disqualified leaving Breifne as the last man on two wheels and on the brink of history 11 months on.

So far, he has travelled through America, attended the Superbowl and hung out with Stephanie Roche and Padraig Harrington.

Breifne ran out of money last week but an appeal on social media has yielded some funds for him to keep going.

You can track Breifne's journey and support him at or Facebook

H/T: Irish Central

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