The UK Eurovision entry is actually the Birds Eye potato waffles ad

The UK unveiled their entry to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and the artist has been getting a bit of grilling.

The UK Eurovision entry is actually the Birds Eye potato waffles ad

In short, the song has certain similarities to a staple of 1980s TV - the potato waffles ad. You know the one: 'Birds Eye potato waffles, they're waffly versatile!'

Just have a quick listen to the retro Birds Eye advert:

Then follow it up with the first minute of Electro Velvet's 'Still In Love With You':

Oh dear.

The songs have drawn widespread comparison after mad geniuses decided the similarities merited several remixes since last Friday.

Here's one remixed version:

Poor Electro Velvet. Electro swing, as the style is called, is actually a pretty nifty musical style, mixing old-school swing rhythm and vocals with modern beats.

Usually, it doesn't sound like vintage frozen food adverts, as proven by artists such as Caravan Palace:

In some ways, this is inspired genius from the UK. Not only it is slightly zany, as all Eurovision songs need to be, but it's hitting that subconscious nostalgia. Maybe it was planned this way all along.

Still, Ireland's song is better.

Listen: This is Ireland's Eurovision song, 'Playing with Numbers'

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