5 Reasons No Man`s Sky Wins E3 2014!

It. Is. New.

In an E3 populated by derivations of the same form, sequels to the same franchises, spins on the same genres and tweaks to the same formulae, No Man’s Sky stands apart. I’ve never seen anything like it. Like, I’ve seen dogfighting sims before. I’ve played in the first person perspective and I’ve picked apart alien character models.But a communal, persistent, all access systemic universe. That’s new. That’s huge.

Literally…It. Is. Infinite.This is a massive claim, and its arguably too early to gauge what it even means, let alone whether or not it’s at all accurate. In the E3 trailer we start on a never before seen, fully traversable planet. Then we reach exit velocity and find ourselves amid an asteroid field, a hostile fleet, a pyrotechnic dogfight. Finally we chase our prey down into an entirely different fully traversable planet. That’s an asstonne of area to cover in a three minute trailer.

But you know the most shocking thing…It. Is. Seamless.… We traversed it in real time!

Travel from continent to continent, land to air, atmosphere to space and beyond without lag, without waiting, without loading. In. Real. Time.

Dodge missiles in orbit, plumb an ocean’s depths, hide in a concealing cavern before making a break for interstellar space – you can do this. There is no barrier to doing this.

The how, the when, the where and crucially, the why, that’s all up to you.


It. Is. Not Scripted.
It. Is. Star Trek… Basically… In The Purest Sense, I mean.

Forget your photo-real character modelling.

Forget your 100% physically accurate destruction engine.Let’s go ‘sploring!In Short: No Man's Sky looks like everything we've ever wanted from the next generation of console games. But can a four man team from Guildford really do this!?

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