The Tuesday Poem: As I Light a Scented Candle

Our menfolk weren’t cutting muster

The Tuesday Poem: As I Light a Scented Candle

We went out a lot

Me and Valda — and

At closing time we’d leave the pub

Before the others, take her nippy Peugeot,

Zip Along the quays — up Barrack Street

To Nancy Spain’s and step out

Down Cat Lane: we were so vain.

We’d fix our faces in the mirror in the boxy

Scented john, then put our order in for Jameson

And gin and halves of Heineken

And take a table low-lit by the wall.

We’d wait there for the guys to come and talk to us

And they would come and talk to us

And we would talk to them.

I drank fast in those days.

Valda always paced herself —

She was looking for love.

None of the men were beautiful

And even if they were — could they belong to us

Could we belong to anyone?

The whole place smelt of gin and juniper

Ylang ylang

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