Cork pub says they have failed if customers chose chain brands over local businesses

A popular pub in Cork has spoken out against chain brands coming to the city centre.

Cork pub says they have failed if customers chose chain brands over local businesses

A post on Sober Lane's Facebook page says that their staff will "have not delivered" if their customers choose to move to chain brands.

In an impassioned speech, they encourage the people of Cork to support local businesses which have "struggled along, pulled together and survived".

"If you the customer, the person who has supported us for years , through the hard times, feels the need to take your business to one if these chains, we have let you down," they write. "We have not delivered.

"Sure, go for a look, I know I will. I prefer Costa to Starbucks, but will go for a snoop."

They praise their local competition, namely Idaho Cafe, Cafe Gusto, Filter, and the Rocket Man, saying their products will be far superior to mass produced goods.

"They are not a patch on the waffles from Idaho Cafe or the turkey club in Cafe Gusto, and never will be. The day Pat Fitz plays in Wetherspoons or they flip a coin is the day hell freezes over.

"I'll put my chicken goujons up against Nandos any day .

"Filter's coffee will leave Starbucks for dead.

"I look forward to enjoying a coffee and amazing salad in The Rocket Man next door to Starbucks and gossiping about how they are doing."

They believe the multinationals' interest in setting up in Cork is a result of the hard work of local businesses to make it a thriving city.

"Now for the silver lining - it is a huge vote of confidence in the city centre, in our city, that these big chains reckon Cork is worth a bet.

"They watched on the sidelines while we struggled along, pulled together and survived. Soon we will be thriving and they want a part of it. The more the merrier - bring it on."

They welcome the competition, and they argue that local businesses must be supported regardless, as "Cork people look after Cork people".

"I want to see Zara, Superdry, Bershka and the rest on Patrick Street. I look forward to passing them on my way to Eddie in Fitzgeralds to get my Christmas clothes, or holiday clobber.

"Cork people look after Cork people and we have great businesses with great people behind them - lets up our game and show them how it's done.

"Pep talk over - go forth and knock em dead."

The call-to-arms comes as nearby cafe owner Richard Jacob spoke out against Starbucks' planned move to Cork city.

"Independents provide that uniqueness, that unique selling point, that Cork, as a City needs," says Jacob.

"We cannot compete with larger Cities for large scale retailing , but we can offer a completely different place.

"Cork still has streets filled with family owned shops and restaurants, markets filled with traders who have a story to tell and bars unchanged in decades. This is our strength, our story, our selling point.

"If we allow small shops to be replaced by ubiquitous chains selling a product available internationally we sell our very soul.

"This is our only chance to say 'No, we are different, our City is different and we want it kept different.'

"The chains belong in the Malls that surround our City not in the still warm grave of our independent retailers."

He believes that "jobs are not created, they are moved" when a multinational cafe such as Starbucks moves into an area.

"The market for coffee is finite. People will not eat an extra meal because there is a new Starbucks. Jobs are not created, they are moved.

"The weakest will close and jobs will be lost.

"This is why I say no, this is why I object, because I love Cork, my City."

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