Dublin ’Poshtel’ number two in Europe

Dublin can now boast the second best 'poshtel' in Europe.

Dublin ’Poshtel’ number two in Europe

A poshtel or posh hostel to everyone else, is a boutique hostel that mixes affordable luxury with high-tech facilities.

The poshtel has been named as one of the key trends for 2015 by the World Trade Market.

It's not just for backpackers however. Poshtels are for all sorts of travellers from young to old and more importantly it's easy on the budget.

Dublin can now proudly boast the second best poshtel in Europe. Here is a run down of the top five.

1) Casa Gracia – Barcelona, Spain

Known for tradional Catalonian feel, you can see how the real Spanish live their lives. The hostel has chic furnishings and is a bargin at €49 a night.

2) Generator – Dublin, Ireland

Generator can be found in Smithfield and along with free wi-fi the hostel incorporates recycled materials to build its interior so the eco-conscious can rest easy. This place even has a private cinema room, and keep an eye out for the one-of-a-kind Jameson bottle chandeliers. All for €36 a night.

3) Kex – Reykjavik, Iceland

In Icelandic, Kex means biscuit and this poshtel is found in a former biscuit factory. Perfect for a hipster's holiday Kex is surrounded by artists’ studios, design houses and fashion showrooms. A little bit more pricey than the other two at €82 but it does include a gatropub, heated patio and a gym, which we presume would come in handy if there's any biscuits left.

4) Gallery Hostel – Porto, Portugal

A name can say alot. And this hostels name does no different. Frequently holding exhibitions from local artists as well as hosting other cultural and artistic affairs, this hostel is perfect if you like your art. The rooms which include private en-suites start from just €58 a night.

5) ONE80° Hostel – Berlin, Germany

Located in a brilliant city, perfect for any travellor looking to have some fun. ONE80° welcomes you with a photo booth where you can upload pictures online and make your friends wish they come with, and once night comes you can head to hostels own nightclub. From €68 a night it doesn't get much better.

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