TV WATCH: What to watch this week

Republic Of Telly RTE Two, 10pm


Strictly Come Dancing BBC One, 6.30pm

There’s a Halloween theme to this evening’s proceedings as the 11 remaining couples are put through their paces.


Life Story BBC One, 4.50pm

If you miss the Thursday broadcast of David Attenborough’s amazing series, this repeat may be a handy option. Episode two looks at the transition from childhood to adulthood for several animals.

Ireland’s Fittest Family RTE One, 6.30pm

The final show pits the three remaining families together in one last battle of endurance.

Natural World RTE Two, 8pm

Repeat of Colin Stafford-Johnson’s enjoyable visit to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi to renew acquaintances with the photogenic crested macaque monkeys who live there.

Fair City RTE One, 8pm

Jackie is at the centre of the show this week and tonight reveals why she walked out on Pete and their two sons all those years ago. When Pete and Doug hear the explanation they are left stunned, but having her around again does cause all sorts of tensions.

Shame Channel 4, 10pm

Michael Fassbender is directed by his regular collaborator Steve McQueen for this hard-hitting drama about New Yorker whose addiction to sex threatens to ruin his life.Uncomfortable viewing at times, but maintains the high standards both men have set with other films.


Modern Family Sky 1, 8pm

The first episode of the new season has Cam and Mitchell trying to keep the love-buzz going now they’re back from honeymoon. . Series six arrives on the back of another Emmy for best comedy in the US, and while the show has never hit the heights of some of the classic US sit-coms, it has its charms and always offers a few laughs.

Science Squad RTE One, 8.30pm

Kathriona Devereux meets the Cork researchers who have developed the world’s first predictive test for pre-eclampsia, the condition that’s the leading cause of maternal deaths in Europe. We also see a new robotic milking system for dairy farms.

Micky Flanagan’s Detour de France Sky 1, 9pm

The cockney comedian is probably the funniest in the UK stand-up scene, but here he swaps London for France for a new four-part travel show. He’s joined by his best friend, the also Irishly-monikered Noel Lynch, and the first episode detours into Belgium to sample the beer and visit war graves at Ypres.

Republic Of Telly RTE Two, 10pm

Kevin McGahern and his merry bunch return for a new season of sketches and satirical swipes at other TV shows.


MasterChef: The Professionals BBC Two, 8pm

New series. Forget the hobbyists – this show has real chefs putting their professional reputations on the line. There’s also a new face on the judging panel as Marcus Wareing joins Gregg Wallace and Monica Galetti.

Human Universe: What Is Our Future? BBC Two, 9pm

Brian Cox concludes his look at our planet by looking at our future. Are we doomed? Inevitably. Both at a personal level and from the perspective of our species. But it’s not all bad news. In the meantime, there are some fascinating questions to be answered, and Cox joins a solstice celebration in the Arctic as he muses on some of them.

Later Live - with Jools Holland BBC Two, 11.45pm

erhaps it’s not part of the Sinn Fein manifesto, but the greatest thing about a united Ireland would be that the north of this island wouldn’t have a regional variation of BBC any more, and shows such as this and Graham Norton’s at a far more reasonable hour. The final episode in the current series – broadcast on the mainland channel at 10pm – features Bryan Ferry, Paul Rodgers and War On Drugs. There’s also a chat with David Gilmour about Pink Floyd’s upcoming album.


Rachel Allen: All Things Sweet RTE One, 8.30pm

Everything she makes on this show sounds and looks delicious, not least the rose water marshmallows, and the sesame and honey halva.


Comhrá TG4, 7.30pm

Seán Ó Liatháin (Lehane) from Cork chats about his business ventures, the Rochestown Park Hotel and Mid-Cork Pallets, and also shows his sean-nos prowess with a song.

Feirm TG4, 8pm

Jamie Costin explores innovations in the Irish cereal sector, with new technologies leading to new developments in grain preservation and disease control.

Life Story BBC One, 9pm

Episode looks at how animals use homes for shelter and safety. We also see an amazing trek by a troop of chimpanzees to find a dried riverbed where they dig wells to find drinking water.

Peaky Blinders BBC Two, 9pm

It has an impressive cast featuring the likes of Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy, a lavish budget and some stylish cinematography, but we’ve reached the end of the second series with the lingering feeling that Peaky Blinders still hasn’t quite fulfilled it’s potential.

Angela Scanlon: Full Frontal RTE Two, 9.30pm

The final episode of the series has Scanlon looking at dating and casual hook-up apps Tinder and Happn. She also tries ‘catfishing’, that common internet practice where people create a false identity to tempt people to make contact. Yes, perhaps that ’22-year-old blonde’ is really a bearded truckdriver in his fifties.


The Heart Of Country: How Nashville Became Music City USA BBC Four, 9pm

Dolly Parton, Charley Pride and Willie Nelson contribute to a show that’s part of season of country music programmes on BBC. As well as the purer forms of the music, we also hear about the two-way relationships Elvis and Bob Dylan had with Nashville.

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