Books for children: Bubble Trouble


Books for children: Bubble Trouble

Two cuddly animals, Ruben and Felix are best friends whose favourite fun is blowing bubbles. But the friendship turns nasty when they challenge one another to see who can make the biggest bubbles for the upcoming bubble contest – they even stoop to stealthily destroying each other’s machines. But of course all ends well. With lift-the-flap bubbles and delightful illustrations, this is the perfect bedtime read. age 5+

BRIAN AND THE VIKINGS by Chris Judge and Mark Wickham (O’Brien Press €7.99): Brian and his friends live with their families in a peaceful settlement. Playing near the river one day they see a sight that everyone in Ireland fears – a Viking ship sailing towards land. Although he’s the smallest of his peers, Brian is the cleverest. Rallying his young friends he creates scary creatures, which the Vikings sneer at, until finally he crafts a spectacular dragon made from wood and leaves which sends the hairy intruders fleeing to their ship. When he grows up to be a true hero and valiant warrior, Brian is crowned High King of Ireland.With laugh-aloud characters and colourful landscapes, this is a real treat for age 8 plus

LIFE AFTER THEFT by Aprilynne Pike (Harper Collins €8.80): This imaginative story features a seemingly guilt-ridden and quite flirtatious ghost who selects teenager Jeff to right the wrongs she had done in her life. Jeff is selected on the basis that he is the only person who can see her. In life, Ghost Kimberlee was quite unpleasant and was a rampant kleptomaniac who stole so much that she had to source an unknown cave to hide the stolen goods. Jeff now agrees to return the items to their rightful owners, and the story centres around the difficulties he faces during this monumental project as there are thousands of stolen items, some quite valuable in themselves, others of sentimental value. Kimberlee is also the jealous type and, unfortunately for Jeff, the girl he falls for is, or rather was, Kimberly’s archenemy. If the characterisation seems a bit extreme, the story is exciting with authentic teen dialogue. 15+

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