Uni students only change their sheets after having SIX sexual partners

They really are living up to their reputation.

Uni students are known for their party-hard lifestyles and these shocking stats reveal that washing their sheets really isn’t top of their priorities list.

Typical student room
(University of Exeter/Flickr)

When mattress company Ergoflex gathered 3,000 students who had just finished their first year at uni, they discovered the average time these teens changed their bedding was two-and-a-half months.

This figure is pretty disgusting considering what goes on in between the sheets…

Besides sleeping, 82% confessed they liked to eat their meals in their bed and a further 60% admitted to sharing beds with their friends after a heavy night out.

Couple's legs shown wrapped around each other in bed
(Stuart Conner/Flickr)

Some 66% of respondents claimed their sexual encounters occurred under their sheets which leads on to the most stomach-churning part.

With an average of 19 sexual partners during the course of the first year of university, it’s worked out students get down and dirty with six partners before throwing their duvet in the washing machine.

To defend the controversial revelation, 51% of students say they didn’t change their sheets because they were “short on time”, a further 43% simply stated they “didn’t think the sheets looked dirty” and 39% say they “only had one set of bedding”.

A comfy looking clean bed with white sheets and a pair of trainers on the bed
(Kick Photo/Flickr)

Despite the shocking results of the survey there was one unquestionable discovery – 69% of new students claim they longed for their bed more than anything else at home – even more so than their mum’s cooking!

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