Art for art’s sake at O’Driscoll sale

Paintings from Morgan O’Driscoll’s online auction of Irish art are being sold to help fund the new West Cork Arts Centre, the building of which is now nearing completion at Skibbereen.

Art for art’s sake at O’Driscoll sale

No fewer than 71 works from the 299-lot sale will help fund the gallery from artists as diverse as Charles Tyrrell, Majella O’Neill Collins, Tim Goulding, Bernadette Kiely, John Kingerlee, Ian Humphreys, and Norman McCaig. These works are on display in shop windows in Skibbereen.

The auction also features work by Kenneth Webb, Daniel O’Neill, George Gillespie, William Crozier, Frank McKelvey, Sir Terry Frost, Norah McGuinness, Louis le Brocquy, Tony O’Malley, Graham Knuttel, Maurice Wilks, Michael Mulcahy, Gladys McCabe, Arthur Maderson, and Kevin Sanquest.

It will be on view at Morgan O’Driscoll’s offices in Skibbereen from July 31. Bidding runs until August 5.

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