James Patterson and David Ellis


James Patterson has teamed up with David Ellis for this stand-alone novel, Invisible.

This feels like a slightly different style of thriller. The horror of what is going on creeps up on you slowly, almost easing you in.

At the start, we meet Emmy, who is on leave from her job as an FBI analyst, after the death of her twin sister in a fire.

All the signs point to a tragic accident, but Emmy can’t escape the feeling that there is something bigger going on. She can see the signs of a pattern breaking out across the country.

With perseverance, Emmy convinces her boss there is a link between all the kidnappings, rapes and murders.

A small task force is set up with former agent Harrison Bookman, who just happens to be Emmy’s ex.

Can they prove that there is one person behind the fires and the other crimes? This is a page-turner to the very end.

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