The Tuesday Poem

The Nests for Kathryn

The Tuesday Poem

You ask again about the nests – the wren’s

hung in the ivy above the broken pier,

a goldcrest’s low in the privet,

the robin’s safe in the clump of pampas.

And below the Lane Gate coal tits

have built in the hollow post.

If you run your hand up the damp shaft

you’ll find the spot, where the metal is warm.

They lead us away from the house,

under the barbed wire and down the lane to the Long Field.

We’ll keep in the lee of the ditch for shelter.

Overhead a mistle-thrush stirs the hawthorn,

as out in the wind the larks have settled

in cups of grass-corn for the night.

When we cross to the Glen a snipe catapults

from the rushes close by your feet.

Now we approach the wall-dark of the woo

d and hear within the wounded call of an owl.

We come in due course to a river, where I lie face down

on your surface, the rain soft on my spine.

* Originally from Lisgoold, Co.Cork, Maurice Riordan has lived in London for many years where he is editor of Poetry Review. His latest collection The Water Stealer was shortlisted for the TS Eliot Prize. He is featured in the Cork Spring Poetry Festival next week.

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