Can an extravagant display of affection win back your ex?

Lovesick Formula 1 star, Lewis Hamilton, last week dedicated his victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix to ex-girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger. The driver is not the first to put on an extravagant display of affection (EDA) for an ex. Stars from Burton to Beckham have all done it, but did it work?

Can an extravagant display of affection win back your ex?

Richard Burton

Boozy Richard was forever making up to Liz — even after their first meeting. His chat-up line was: “You’re much too fat, love, but you do have a pretty little face.”

Their infamous make-ups were celebrated with gems. Burton’s most extravagant acquisition was a $1.1m, 69.42-carat sparkler — the highest price then paid for a diamond.

In fairness, he could have saved money and bought her a bag of cream buns and a bottle of gin. She’d have been just as happy.

Ashton Kutcher

Despite their age gap, Ashton and plastic-surgery nut Demi (inset) had one thing in common: both were obsessed with having the body of a younger woman. Unfortunately, Ashton had several.

Two weeks before the actress announced she was divorcing the cheat, Ashton tried to win her back with a new car — a Lexus LS 600 L. The gift cost over $100,000. He’s lucky she didn’t run him over in it.

Tom Cruise

Tom’s marriage to Katie Holmes was under strain from the start, given the age difference. The actor once tried to bolster his troubled relationship by embracing his inner child (Katie was his outer child).

He hired out FAO Schwartz’s landmark toy shop in NY for her birthday and played her a tune on its famous gigantic piano. The gang then went ice-skating. And stayed up way past Katie’s bedtime. They are now divorced.

David Beckham

Becks’ knowledge of the offside rule has been dodgy throughout his marriage. As a result, he has to constantly make up lost ground with Posh.

In 2008, he shelled out seven figures to buy the missus her own vineyard in Napa Valley.

That’s right Becks, the way to a woman’s heart is more wine ...

Kristen Stewart

What do you do when you’ve cheated on your boyfriend? Send flowers? Phone him?

No, you organise a publicist and issue a press release to woo him back.

That’s what Kirsten did after breaking Robert Pattinson’s heart. Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a third-party statement to the media.

Strangely enough, they’ve split up again.

Bob Dylan

‘Sara’ on Bob’s album, Desire, is a gem among gems, written to win back his estranged wife in 1976. It’s so beautiful it would break your heart. Unfortunately, it didn’t work on Sara and she went on to divorce Bob.

He got even though, following up with another, less-romantically-titled song about his ex. It was called ‘Idiot Wind’.

Keira Knightley

Keira believes the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In an attempt to rekindle her romance with boyfriend Jamie Dornan (star of The Fall), she started sending food to his London home.

A source told the Daily Express: “She brings flowers and food around to his flat [but] he’s spending all his time in the studio working on his album.” So who was letting her in?

Katy Perry

Katy must have known early-on that her marriage to comedian and actor Russell Brand was never going to last. The singer tried to win his affection with some impressive gifts. First was a lilac-coloured $341,000 Bentley. Then a $200,000 ticket to ride the Virgin Galactic shuttle into space.

Brand’s response to Katy’s love offerings? He dumped her by text on New Year’s Eve.

Danny De Vito

Perhaps Danny De Vito should have thought twice about the present he gave to wife Rhea Perlman after they split. The actor sent her a gift voucher for a spa, and all the treatments she could handle, on the advice of Michael Douglas.

Someone should have mentioned that telling your ex-wife that she needs beauty treatments isn’t a good idea. They remain separated.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is best known for beating up his girlfriend, Rihanna. (Try to name two of his songs.)

The dirtbird managed to unclench his fists long enough to buy the singer a peace offering of a diamond bracelet and necklace, along with an iPod Touch.

It’s hard to keep track, but the couple’s on-off relationship was recently reported to be off again.

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