Web watch: Shelves

1. One Week of Design

Web watch: Shelves

This is a clever site: it’s basically an update on architecture and design at a glance, which is handy if you feel the need to know what’s going on in design land but don’t have millions of man hours spare to keep up with it all. A bluffer’s guide basically, which suits me down to the ground. It scoops up all the latest news and presents it simply using RSS feed technology. One week of design allows you access to specialised blogs and webzines without having to search for them. So handy. Bookmark it now.

* www.oneweekofdesign.com

2. The Design Home

Ooh, there are treats on here, let me tell you. Ever wished your shelves had more oomph about them? Why do they have to be so square and even and boring? Well, look no further than designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn’s rather fabulous Chuck wall shelving system. The versatile scheme is made up of six flexible wooden planks held together with two stainless steel locking collars at the ends. She says: “Chuck is a shelving system which was created/ inspired by the idea to create individually flexible room”. I say: “Chuck one into my living room and let the fun begin.”

* www.thedesignhome.com

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