Photo op: unpublished book needs your help

Photographer George Munday hopes to realise his dream by crowd-funding, where supporters pledge funds in advance.

Crowd-funding has gone from a beguiling concept to a bona fide way of raising funds for creative projects. Platforms such as Kickstarter and Fundit enable supporters to pledge money to artists to finance work. Supporters are offered perks in return for their contribution. The artist’s project has a start and end date and a funding goal. If the goal is not met, the pledges are returned.

Photographer George Munday is hoping to realise his artistic dream through crowd-funding.

When he moved to Co Waterford a decade ago, Munday discovered some of the most beautiful landscapes in Ireland.

“I began taking photographs, and threw myself into exploring every nook, and every cranny, of this delightful county, along with its heritage and history. When visitors — even those living in Ireland — see Lismore Castle, the Copper Coast, or visit the Mahon Falls for the first time, they express total amazement that the county is little known,” he says.

Munday was surprised there were no coffee-table style books devoted to the beautiful scenery of the county. He has produced Waterford, A County Revealed, a book that reveals the landscape and heritage of the county in all its beauty.

Munday, a semi-retired, professional landscape photographer, does not have to travel far for inspiration; he lives near the seaside village of Bunmahon, bang in the middle of the stunning Copper Coast. Munday says photographing the county was an “idyllic” vocation of six years, and he frequently made repeat trips to ensure that each location was captured in the right light, and at the right moment.

The foreword is by the renowned travel writer, Dervla Murphy, who lives in Lismore, and the book takes the form of a circular journey. Beginning in Waterford City, it takes in fishing ports; the old mining industry of the Copper Coast in Dungarvan; the Ring Peninsula, following the Blackwater River, over the Knockmealdown and Comeragh mountains, and makes frequent diversions to villages, towns, castles and gardens.

The book is ready to go, but Munday needs €13,500 to cover the cost of printing 1,000 copies. He says he could get it printed abroad for a lower cost, but wants to oversee the publication himself, while giving the business to an Irish company.

Brimming with full-page photographs , Munday says it’s a book that will appeal to people who live in the county, and will be a memorable gift for visitors and relatives from the Waterford diaspora.

The only snag is that it’s difficult to get a publisher, hence Munday’s decision to publish it himself, through the crowd-funding solution, Indiegogo. People interested can invest small amounts in exchange for pre-release, signed copies of the book, or the book with additional rewards. If the campaign is successful, the book will be available in August. But the campaign must reach its target amount by midnight, next Sunday.

As well as giving financial support, Munday says contributors will get a sense of satisfaction about being part of the project: “They can show off this beautiful book and say ‘I helped make it happen’.”

*Details at the book’s page, which contains a gallery of photographs that can be bought as prints.

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