Pet psychic really can talk to the animals!

Pet psychic Jackie Weaver stunned Dan Buckley with what she found out after a video ‘chat’ with his trusty dog Rusty

Pet psychic really can talk to the animals!

IT IS a familiar cry of many animal lovers: “If only that dog could talk — the tales he would tell”. Pet psychic Jackie Weaver believes they can and tells me that my king charles spaniel, Rusty, is quite the chatterbox as they both have a good old natter in an online video link-up.

“He tells me he is not your typical king charles as he is brave and daring, while they are mostly timid.” This is true. “Your daughter keeps telling him how cute he is” — also true. “He says he smells at times, but it is not his fault.” Spot on, as Rusty has a dodgy tummy.

“He doesn’t like the sea, as the waves make him nervous and he is a devil for running off and onto the road.”

She seems to know more about my dog than I do, but I remain somewhat sceptical that she can actually communicate with animals.

“I used to be the same,” she says, “but if you approach the idea with an open mind you may be in for a surprise and you will find that communicating with your pet adds another wonderful dimension to your life.”

Just for a clincher, she lets drop knowledge of the occasional diversion I make when taking Rusty for a walk. “He enjoys going to the pub with you and they all know him there.” Oh my God! This is getting creepy, so it’s a relief that, just when I fear he might divulge some damaging family secrets, Rusty gets restless and heads for a snooze on his favourite spot on the arm of the couch. Weaver knows about that, too.

“There is nothing weird or spooky about animal communication,” says Weaver. “It’s as simple as me having a chat with your pet. People often refer to me as ‘the animal psychic’ but please don’t feel uncomfortable about this as this means simply I, like many others, have a skill to be able to use another part of my mind to tune into sources for information.”

Weaver’s whole life has revolved around animals. At the age of eight she told her father that their dog was being aggressive because he was scared. At the time, she had no idea how she knew that. Nowadays, she views it as a gift.

“I have always been emotionally linked to them, sensing their needs, experiencing their joy and sometimes their pain, so talking to animals is very natural to me. I communicate with them by connecting telepathically. I talk to animals all over the world, even the pets of the rich and famous — everyone from soap stars to Hollwood actors.”

Weaver appears regularly on TV in Britain, has written several books on animal communication. She is a former veterinary nurse and is married to ex-jockey Bob Weaver, who now works as an equine dentist. They live in Shropshire with their dog and cat, Sally and Stanley.

“To be able to help animals, and even change their lives, is a dream come true for me,” she says. “I know that my work has made dreams come true for many other people too.”

For many years Weaver held the horses still for Bob while he worked on their teeth, but this all ended when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2005. “I was so desperately ill and not expected to survive but with lots of chemotherapy, love, positive thinking and much laughter, I pulled through. I truly believed that I was saved for a reason.”

According to Weaver, animals seek love, loyalty, happiness and fulfilment — just as humans do, and she encourages animal owners to hone their skills of communication with their pets. She conducts workshops on animal communication and comes to Ireland for the first time later this month.

“You’ll be amazed and you will enjoy being able to talk more to your animal with the clearer understanding that — if they can talk to me, then they can certainly understand what you say, too.”

nJackie Weaver is hosting a fundraiser on behalf of the Cork Animal Care Society on Thursday, May 30, at the Oriel House Hotel in Ballincollig; and a workshop on animal communication on Sunday, Jun 2 at Cork’s Metropole Hotel. See and

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