Q. I have a created a home office out of a back bedroom, and even with every bit of shelving in place I still find my desk crowded with bits and pieces.

A. Pop around to IKEA if you’re near Dublin and pick up a Galant raised desktop shelf that delivers another 70X30cm surface. €30. Take another €7 and invest in a steel Grundal rail with hooked cutlery stands to poke full of pens, rulers and other detritus. Run rails under your present shelving to double their capacity.

Q. My daughter is using a room in our house to start a dress design business. It’s very dreary in there and we would love to inject some inspirational glamour to surprise her.

A.What about a fantastic lacy mannequin wall sticker from Wall from €24 for a 30X100cm? You could also explore their many Coco Chanel-based quotes and silhouettes for an adjoining wall. A small chandelier, that won’t interfere with her working room might also please. Try Littlewoods Ireland for non-electric pendants.

Q. I’m looking for a large sheepskin-style rug to cover the floor of my study. Where can I get one?

A. If you want a larger than single skin rug, try They offer multiple-skin rugs in a choice of colours up to 12 skins in size. Prices from €90 for a natural coloured double. Delivery €4.95.

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