This much I know: Anton Savage

My daily routine is shower, suit, leave for work in a panic, repeat.

That’s it.

My guilty pleasure is doing bold things on motorcycles.

Getting a gig as a presenter is very much down to luck, so I couldn’t have predicted that Matt Cooper would offer me the chance to stand-in for him, and I’m very grateful that he did.

The switch from standing in for other presenters to having my own show was not a seamless one. It’s both easier and harder to stand-in. Harder because when you stand in for someone you’re trying to deliver for an audience that likes someone else and puts up with you, if you’re lucky. It’s easier because the show is already built and up and running; there’s a ‘way’ of doing the show which you can follow. With Savage Sunday, it’s like the guys and I have bought a house, it’s up to us to keep it clean, do the DIY and pay the mortgage.

I’ve an endless list of other ambitions! Stuntman, boat captain, pilot, professional racing driver, barrister, bull rider... (I have, in large part, the ambitions of a six-year-old boy).

Trickiest on-air moment so far is when I wound Bill O’Reilly up like a spring one day on The Last Word. He loves to fight with someone who takes a clear position. If you refuse to take a stance but challenge his he gets touchy in a most entertaining way. The tricky bit was finding the balance between keeping him apoplectic, but not getting him mad enough to hang up.

My dream car is a 1990 Mercedes 560 SEL with low mileage and some body rust. I’m currently driving a 1990 Mercedes 560 SEL with low mileage and some body rust.

My worst job ever was being a waiter serving breakfast. Dinner is OK, because you can give the guests a bottle of wine and some bread and forget them for an hour or two. At breakfast, everyone wants everything NOW!!! I served one breakfast where I accidentally tipped a plate and poured meat juice into my left shoe and had to spend the morning pouring coffee for ratty people while my toes marinated and squelched in lukewarm stock. It wasn’t the career for me.

I was part of a team that set up a small company in the teeth of the recession. In that environment ‘work/life’ balance goes out the window in favour of making sure the business grows.

The best advice I ever received is not to buy cheap helmets.

We in Ireland may not do everything as well as possible, but we do try to look after each other.

Our total incapacity to talk about the good in our society as much as the bad gets to me. I met a woman in the States a while ago who had to sell the family house and get a second job so she could support her husband after he had a paralysing stroke. They had no health insurance and no savings, so he was utterly dependent on her for survival. She had to give up her life and home and dedicate her every waking hour to keeping him alive with no state support. I was horrified that someone could end up in that situation.

You could say that at times I believe in God — it just depends on how nervous I am. In the back of an Airbus in bad cross-winds coming into Dublin Airport, I’m practically a Jesuit.

My greatest pleasure in life is being near (or in) water, somewhere sunny with people I like.

I enjoy psyche books. I’m reading Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. It looks at how people process information and how we are really good at attributing post-factum rationalisations to stuff we really just did instinctively. That’s why I bought this one. I think.

My most difficult challenge so far has been dealing with the loss (and near loss) of loved-ones. In day-to-day terms it would have been stopping smoking. Oh God, I miss smoking.

Anton Savage presents Savage Sunday: 100 to 102 Today FM 11am — 1pm, Sundays.

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