Children’s books

THE FIRST SNOW by M Christina Butler and Frank Endersby (Little Tiger; €13.03) is a big, colourful book that tells of a young deer’s first encounter with snow.

“Where’s everything gone?” he wonders. It takes two lively rabbits to show him the wonders of snow. A charming book for age three and up.

The Good Little Wolf by AH Benjamin (A&C Black; €5.92) is a novel turnaround of all ‘bad wolf’ tales. Little Wolf wonders why wolves in stories are always baddies, so he decides to prove that wolves are a benevolent lot. His well- meaning deeds don’t turn out as he intended — like when he mistakes an old lady’s walking stick for a snake and smashes it to bits, leaving her without a leg to stand on. With quirky illustrations and hilarious situations, this is a laugh-aloud for age five and up.

Snowy’s Story by Sarah Hawkins (Random House; €5.92). After seeing a litter of puppies whilst shopping for Christmas with their mum, Lucy and Samuel wish for a pup of their own. Finally Mum and Dad give in and take the youngsters to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home where they choose a lively St Bernard puppy called Snowy. Jealousy sets in when Samuel takes Snowy for walks and games. Feeling left out, Lucy takes the puppy out one freezing night and they’re caught in a blizzard.

Look! Drawing the Line in Art by Gillian Wolfe (Frances Lincoln; €12.40) features 18 paintings by artists from Raphael to Hockney, each picture analysed for its particular feature — line, colour, pattern, expression. An uncomplicated introduction to art for age nine and up.

Greek Myths retold by Ann Turnbull and magnificently illustrated by Sarah Young (Walker Books; £15.99) is a lavish presentation of the ancient stories that have passed down through so many generations. Heroes, gods, nymphs and satyrs cross a timeless void of earth and ether. A thoughtful classic.

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