Deadline looms for assessment to reinstate car and trailer licences

Friday is the deadline for submitting an assessment form for reinstatement of a car and trailer licence (BE category) to driving licences.

If you held a full driving licence for a car before Nov 13, 1989, but did not avail of the car and trailer licence option, reinstatement is being facilitated by the Road Safety Authority (RSA).

The Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA) has reminded farmers to ensure they are properly licensed to drive vehicles with trailers attached.

ICSA rural development chairman John Barron said: “Trailers form an integral part of day-to-day farming, and farmers should ensure that they are properly licensed to utilise them on public roads.”

In order to have the BE category reinstated on their licence, drivers must have been born before Nov 13, 1972, and have held a full driving licence for a car before Nov 13, 1989.

The assessment form is available on the website, and must be returned to the Road Safety Authority, Ballina, Co Mayo.

If the initial RSA assessment is positive, the applicant can formally apply for the car and trailer licence.

Before 1989, there was one category of driving licence, for a car or a car with a trailer. In 1989, this was changed to two categories, one for cars alone and one for cars with trailers. Some drivers unintentionally lost their trailer entitlement, when renewing licences.

Categories now are set in EU law. Category B covers a car plus trailer up to 750kg; B with code 106 is for a car plus trailer which can be over 750kg provided the combination of car plus trailer is not over 4250kg; and BE is car plus trailer not exceeding 3500kg.


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