Cattle marts report: Strong prices for dairy stock point to post-quota confidence in the milk sector

Everyone was busy in Corrin mart on Tuesday. It was a big mart with big prices, with 2,000 cattle and calves on offer.
Cattle marts report: Strong prices for dairy stock point to post-quota confidence in the milk sector

Mart manager Sean Leahy said they had over 200 dry cows on offer. There was good money being paid for nice fleshy cows in Corrin, with a few new buyers at the ringside. Dry cows in Corrin sold from €600 to €1,470 a head.

Sean said, “We had an exceptional bullock trade, with a very strong demand for all types and breeds.”

In Corrin, store bullocks made from €220 to €720, with beef bullocks going to €730 with their weight.

Store heifers here made from €260 to €565 with their weight, with butcher types making up to €850 over the kilo.

While in Corrin, I also bumped into John Foley, a dairy stock purchaser with Cork Co-Operative Marts, and John told me that the good trade for dairy stock is continuing, with the demand still outstripping the supply.

“I have a good number of farmer customers at present looking for calved heifers and young calved cows,” John told me.

Corrin had 500 calves on offer in a strong trade, particularly for Hereford bulls. Friesian bulls were also selling well, with most breaking the €100 barrier. But I still managed to pick up a few calves for myself before leaving. I never like to return home from Corrin mart empty handed.



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 AA steer 608kg 1335

4 Lm heifers 290kg 745

1 Hr heifer 450kg 1130

1 Ch heifer 390kg 950

1 Fr cow 540kg 1050

1 Fr cow 700kg 1310

1 Fr cow 846kg 1380

Next we turn to Bandon mart, where mart manger Tom McCarthy reported on the sale of 1,650 calves, “We had a lot of well fed males on offer, and they made great money.” Indeed they did — with Friesians making up to €450, and continentals bulls reaching €570 a head.

Dry cows in Bandon sold from €170 to €900 over the kilo. Heifers sold from €400 to €710 with their weight.

Continental bullocks in Bandon made from €550 to €800 with the kilo. Aberdeen Angus and Hereford bullocks in Bandon on Monday ranged in price from €400 to €710 with the kilo. Friesians sold from €200 to €680 with the kilo.

Before we leave Bandon mart, calved dairy stock here made from €1,400 to €1,900 a head. Maiden heifers made from €600 to €900 a head.



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Sim steer 740kg 1580

5 Sim steers 386kg 980

11 Hr steers 375kg 915

6 Fr steers 388kg 730

1 BB heifer 485kg 1080

1 Ch cow 840kg 1740

1 Fr cow 695kg 1200

In Macroom mart on Saturday, a good trade was reported for stock across the board.



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Fr steer 560kg 1250

2 AA steers 560kg 1310

1 Ch steer 550kg 1340

3 Lm steers 500kg 1440

3 Sim heifers 335kg 975

3 Lm Heifers 408kg 1110

1 Lm cow 815kg 1470

“An electric trade,” was the word I got on the sale of cattle in Kilmallock mart on Monday last, when 2,300 cattle and calves moved through the five sales rings, with 287 buyers doing business in Kilmallock, coming there from as far away as Tyrone and Donegal.

Denis Kirby of Kilmallock mart had this to say after the day of trading. “When compared to the same sale last year, bullocks are improved by about €200 to €300 a head.

“Cows are up €200 to €250 each. Heifers are up by €100 to €200 a head. And calves are also substantially up on last year.”

Looking at dairy stock in Kilmallock, a 4-year-old calved Friesian cow sold for €1,710, while a 3-year-old calved heifer made €1,670.

And in suckling, a 6-year-old Charolais (time up to Charolais) sold for €1,350. A 2-year-old Aberdeen Angus (time up to Hereford) made €1,280. A 2-year-old Aberdeen Angus and her Aberdeen Angus heifer calf sold for €1,180.

On Saturday (March 28), Kilmallock mart will hold its spring organic cattle sale, starting at 11am

And on Monday (March 30), a clearance sale of 60 top class dairy cows takes place, starting at 11.30am



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Sim steer 395kg 855

5 AA steers 383kg 845

1 Hr steer 380kg 835

2 Fr steers 388kg 770

3 Ch heifers 468kg 1130

1 BB heifer 395kg 925

1 Lm heifer 385kg 950

“A superb trade,” was how Thurles mart manager Martin Ryan described Monday’s cattle sale.

“We had the highest bullock clearance I have witnessed in the mart trade, 536 out of 537 sold,” Martin said. “There was great trade for heifers and cull cows too, with grass buyers out in force. There was no real change in calf prices, with a serious trade for good calves, especially the beef sired calves.”



No Breed Sex Weight €

5 Fr steers 502kg 1110

2 Ch steers 415kg 1080

3 Hr steers 315kg 800

7 AA steers 542kg 1300

5 Sim steers 543kg 1410

2 Lm heifers 275kg 670

3 Ch heifers 321kg 800

Next we move to Skibbereen mart where on last Friday. dry cows sold from €80 to €620 over the kilo. Heifers made from €200 to €700 with their weight.



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Ch steer 750kg 1780

5 Hr steers 330kg 875

2 Fr steers 320kg 660

3 Ch heifers 553kg 1200

4 AA heifers 397kg 990

1 Lm cow 615kg 1230

1 Sim cow 705kg 1270

Continental bullocks made from €400 to an impressive €1,030 with their weight. Aberdeen Angus and Hereford bullocks ranged in price from €400 to €800 with the kilo.

Friesian bullocks made from €245 to €600 over the kilo.

Suckler stock in Skibbereen sold from €1,150 to €1,400 a head. Dairy stock here made from €1,300 to €1,580 a head.

And it’s to Kilkenny mart we go next, where mart manager George Candler gave us this report after Monday’s dairy and calf sale.

“Dairy stock is still selling very well, with lots of customers showing confidence in the future of this industry. Continental calves are scarce, resulting in a top call of €500 for a Belgian Blue bull calf on Monday.”



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Lm steer 810kg 1890

8 Fr steers 495kg 1050

8 AA steers 370kg 940

4 Hr steers 345kg 870

7 Lm steers 315kg 850

5 AA heifers 495kg 1185

1 BB heifer 290kg 890

Looking back to Thursday’s general cattle sale, George had this to add, “We had a bigger sale of cattle, with a yard of 1,120 head. The trade remains firm, with plenty of customers. Fancy lots of bullocks are making in excess of €3 per kilo. Cull cows once again met a fast selling trade.”

And in Kilkenny on Thursday, Friesian cull cows sold from €1.15 to €1.85 per kilo, with continental cull cows ranging in price from €1.50 to €2.15 per kilo.

Next we turn to Dungarvan mart, and to mart manager Ger Flynn, who gave us this report. “There was a very good trade for all types of store bullocks and heifers. There was an increase in numbers from last week, with prices well maintained.”



No Breed Sex Weight €

6 Lm steer 573kg 1205

7 AA steers 575kg 1310

6 Lm heifers 470kg 1110

1 Hr heifer 530kg 1185

4 Ch heifers 393kg 920

1 Ch cow 700kg 1265

1 Fr cow 740kg 1165

Finally this week, we go to Kanturk mart, where on Tuesday evening, mart manager Seamus O’Keeffe gave us the following report.

“We had a very big sale today, with over 1,740 animals entered, including 1,040 calves. It was a top class sale with prices up all around.

“On Saturday, March 28, we will hold an all-breed bull show and sale, starting at 1pm.”



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 BB steer 595kg 1330

1 Ch steer 595kg 1310

2 AA steers 567kg 1220

3 Fr steers 577kg 1080

1 Sim heifer 545kg 1100

1 AA heifer 490kg 1000

1 Fr cow 655kg 1100

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