EasyFlow guarantees user safety

Most of the plant protection products on sale today are sold in small containers all over the world.
EasyFlow guarantees user safety

These containers are convenient, but care is needed to avoid contamination of the environment due to accidental splashes during decanting, or while rinsing empty containers.

EasyFlow from Agrotop is the first self-contained, non-contaminating and self-cleaning withdrawal system for removing liquid plant protection products out of canisters and small containers, for partial or complete withdrawals.

The complete easyFlow system consists of a tank adapter and a canister adapter. The tank adapter is fixed to the sprayer tank or the chemical hopper and connected to a rinsing water supply. The canister adapter has to be screwed onto the chemical container. The withdrawal is started by a left-hand rotation of the bow-shaped handle. Completely emptied canisters can be cleaned automatically afterwards.

In the case of a partial withdrawal, only the contacts of the adapter are rinsed without washing away the remaining plant protection product in the container. The easyFlow non-spilling system can be mounted on all sprayer tanks and chemical hoppers, and guarantees user and environment safety. A video www.agrotop.com/en/home demonstrates use of the system, which was a silver medal winner for innovation at the Agritechnica show in Germany.

nICT (Implement Controls Tractor) software from Claas is an electronic system for optimising the process and performance of tractor-implement combinations. With a square baler/tractor combination, for example, the system allows the baler to run permanently at optimal performance, via an automatic speed control. It is possible to choose between modes of “maximum performance” and “maximum bale quality”.

If a fault or overload occurs, the pto shaft is switched off automatically.

Claas claim automatic control of driving speed achieves optimum performance and savings in costs. The system won a silver medal at Agritechnica.

nIn square balers, a higher compaction density has so far been achieved by a higher flywheel mass in the drive train. Kuhn solves the challenge of torque peaks with double-plunger technology.

Two plungers (branded Twinpact by Kuhn) arranged on top of each other compact the crop in two phases. Using a triangular linkage between crankshaft and piston, the lower plunger first compacts the lower part of the harvested material. The upper plunger then follows and compacts the upper part of the package. Torque peaks are distributed between two stages.

The innovation won an Agritechnica silver medal in November, and Kuhn says it is designed to produce bales up to 25% denser than those made with a conventional large square baler. This allows more efficient handling, transport and storage of forage crops, and is considered relevant for the important production of biomass for renewable energy.

The 25% increase in density is achieved on a comparable load on the driveline to that of a conventional 4 x 3 baler.

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