Uncertainty over trade deals post Brexit negative

The uncertainty over potential trade deals after Britain’s decision to leave the European Union could have long-term negative impacts for farmers, the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association has warned.

John Comer, president, said the full negative impacts of such deals will be passed back to farmers, while any benefits will be gobbled up by the links further up the supply chain.

A trade deal for the EU with 65m less consumers should be very different than one including the UK.

This matter has been completely ignored up to now.

Mr Comer said the Government needs to send out a clear message that Ireland will not accept or agree to a trade deal that does not address the reality of a Brexit.

In relation to a potential Mercusor deal with South American countries, he said updated market access offers will be exchanged on September 16 with an official round of negotiations scheduled for October 10-14 in Brussels.

A Mercusor deal has huge implications, in particular, for the Irish beef industry. The key question that needs to be answered is whether Brexit adjustments will be included in these negotiations, he said.


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