1More's Sonoflow packs a lot of tech and battery life into their affordable hi-res audio headphones

One of the most impressive features of the Sonoflow is the battery life which 1More claims is up to 70 hours with ANC off.
1More's Sonoflow packs a lot of tech and battery life into their affordable hi-res audio headphones

The 1More Sonoflow ANC headphones. Picture: 1More.

Audio companies are starting to take hi-res audio more seriously now that there are more streaming services that support the format. Apple Music, Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer and others now offer hi-res and lossless audio to their customers and now there are more headphones being released that come with high-res wireless audio support including the 1More Sonoflow over-ear wireless headphones.


The 1More Sonoflow are stylish cans that feature a mostly plastic construction. Inside of the ear muffs, USB-C charging port and 2.5mm headphone jack are accented with red while the rest of the headphones are gunmetal grey and black.

They don’t have any touch controls which many users will appreciate. Instead, you have small buttons for volume up, down, ANC and power which double for playback controls of pause/play all located on the right earcup.

The earmuff cushions are made from faux leather and super-soft memory foam. The inside of the headband also has soft cushioning for excellent comfort overall.

The build quality is decent with mostly plastic materials and a metal inner headband strip that provides both strength and flexibility. There’s good adjustability and both earcups can be swivelled inwards to make them fairly compact.

The included oval-shaped hardshell case is flat on top and bottom with a built-in lanyard and dark grey fabric as a covering on the outside. The inside has been sculpted to snugly fit the headphones with a small pocket for the 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable and USB-C charging.

Battery life

One of the most impressive features of the Sonoflow is the battery life which 1More claims is up to 70 hours with ANC off. This drops to what is still an amazing 50 hours with ANC on. It’s also good to see fast charging that can fully charge the headphones in less than 90 minutes. And, a five-minute charge is enough to power the headphones for an additional five hours.

Controls and features

Playback, pairing mode, call management and using your phone’s smart assistant are all controlled via the power button. The ANC button is really straightforward; it lets you toggle ANC on and off and access transparency modes. You can also skip tracks using the volume keys but this can be a little hit or miss at times and I would have preferred slightly larger buttons that are easier to feel for.

The Sonoflow features the compatible SBC and AAC codecs as well as LDAC for hi-res audio streaming - assuming your phone supports it and you’re streaming from a streaming service with hi-res audio.

The Sonoflow also supports multi-point connections but the option is hidden away in Experimental features in the Android version of the 1More Music app but it’s not in the iOS version at all. However, I was able to pair them to an iPhone and an Android phone and seamlessly switch audio between them while being connected to both simultaneously.

1More Music app

The app has some interesting features including a dedicated burn-in facility to essentially, break in the headphones. You can choose from 12 different EQ presets, but strangely, you can’t create custom EQs. Hopefully, this will come in a future update.

Sound quality and ANC performance

The Sonoflow use large 40mm dynamic drivers that feature both a diamond-like carbon composite diaphragm and a soft but thin polyethylene terephthalate film that reduces the distortion caused by the powerful driver at lower frequencies. 1More says this combination enables the headphones to produce some robust bass with warm mids and crisp highs all whilst covering an ultra-wide frequency response range reaching up to 40kHz. They also come with High-Resolution Audio and High-Resolution Audio Wireless certifications.

I listened to a wide variety of songs on an Android phone with LDAC which is enabled via the 1More Music app. The Sonoflow is not a neutral-sounding headphone and the bass isn’t overpowering either. With ANC on, the bass is a little better at the expense of the soundstage expansion but the difference is only minor.

I would have liked the option to create a customised EQ, but there is a good selection of presets to choose from. The audio quality was extremely pleasing but the soundstage isn’t very wide. Overall, the sound is well-balanced and far better than the asking price would suggest.

ANC is good but not exceptional and not on the same level as the best out there so you are getting what you’re paying. I used them on a plane journey and found I needed to turn the music up louder than I expected to kill the hum of the engines.

Transparency mode works but it isn’t natural sounding. The call quality is good and I didn’t have any complaints from callers about the quality of my voice or that they could hear any background sounds.


The 1More Sonoflow is well-designed with decent controls and excellent comfort. The sound quality is far better than it should be for headphones in this price range and the battery performance is exceptional.

1More Sonoflow ANC Bluetooth headphones €99 on amazon.co.uk - currently on offer with an extra €22 off voucher.

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