Readers' Blog: Nutritional benefits of meat and dairy

The recent comments by former President Mary Robinson saying she stood over her off-the-cuff comments that all people should turn vegan are very worrying indeed.

Ms Robinson is of course ignoring the food that many previous generations have eaten which nourished their bodies.

The basis of her comments seems to be that animals are harming the environment which is totally ignoring all the good that animals do for us.

Here are just a few: Animal waste fertilises many plants which cleanse the air that we breathe every day; myself and other farmers produce nourishing and safe food every day; dairy products are a rich source of calcium and protein which are needed for bone density in young people’s bones; and we give life on the farms every day giving animals a healthy life.

Mary should be asking herself why are young people suffering more eating disorders now than ever before?

Is it because of misinformation being laid out there when they should be concentrating on how good dairy products are for young people’s bodies and their general health?

As a farmer I am very proud to produce a wide variety of products which enrich human health and I know also some of these products go out to countries in the developing world to feed the under nourished.

Animals sustain life and enrich our lives in so many ways and for Mary to pass such a comment without informing herself of the facts is reckless.

If young people latch on to these misinformed comments without the full facts, they can and will affect theirs and their children future health. Young people should be eating dairy produce everyday which have well proven and documented health benefits.

Now, Mary, maybe you should rethink these off the cuff comments again with informed comments.

- Michael Flynn


Co Waterford

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