Reader's Blog: Asylum seeker protests: There are two sides to every story

I was appalled by the article titled ‘Hundreds of Wicklow residents protest housing of asylum seekers in hotel’ which appeared on your website on November 21.

The article gave a voice to hateful, fear-inciting comments made by locals about the recent arrival of asylum seekers to Wicklow Town.

Every story has two sides, something which your newspaper seems to have forgotten.

No consideration was given to the voices of those individuals who have been forced to flee to Ireland due to the dire circumstances they are leaving behind. I’m sure we can all agree it was not their choice to end up in a hotel in Wicklow Town, with little or no access to basic human rights.

I hope that the writer of this piece or the man concerned for the safety of his 24-year-old son while walking past the centre at night never find themselves alone on the other side of the world with no other choice. I also hope that they can open their hearts up to a little bit of compassion that us Irish are supposedly so well known for because it was lacking in this article.

Ailbhe Coleman

ArklowCo Wicklow

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