I have broken ranks with my party to protect the unborn and try to prevent abortion on demand

Sinn Féin suspended the TD Carol Nolan for being anti-abortion, but she says the Eighth Amendment must be protected, as the right to life is fundamental.

THE Eighth Amendment of the Constitution has served this State very well, since 1983.

I believe that it has saved 100,000 lives.

This amendment is the only legal protection that the unborn, the most vulnerable in our society, have, and it must be retained, if we are to afford equal rights to all in our society. The right to life is a fundamental that is non-negotiable for humans.

Friday’s referendum is about life and death.

It is about choosing whether to allow the most vulnerable, the unborn, to continue to have a right to life or to deny them this basic, fundamental human right, upon which all others are built.

I passionately believe that every unborn child has the right to life and that is why I’m campaigning with pro-life groups at a local and national level, in advocating for a no vote.

If article 40.3.3 was to be deleted from our Constitution, it would be regressive and would lead to abortion on-demand. The procedure would be normalised and liberalised, as it has been in England, where one in five pregnancies ends in abortion.

The case for abortion, under the guise of healthcare, is deceptive and dehumanising.

Abortion is not about compassion and care.

How can it be, when it deliberately ends an unborn baby’s life and often causes emotional trauma for the mother? This trauma has been highlighted by many women who have spoken out about their experiences. Only last week, at a Women Hurt event in Dublin, several women spoke out about their negative experiences.

All of these women emphasised that their experiences of abortions were brutal and traumatic and that while abortion offered a quick fix, it later caused them great emotional suffering, pain, and regret.

Abortion should not be presented as a solution, nor as healthcare, given that it is destructive to both the mother and baby.

We in Ireland can do better for our women, who should be supported to a greater extent in crisis pregnancies.

Abortion cannot be dressed up. It is the ending of an unborn baby’s life and is most definitely not a solution to any crisis.

I believe, as a mother, and as a republican and national politician, that this proposal to allow abortion on demand, up to 12 weeks, on an unrestricted basis, and up to six months on vague health grounds, is shameful and regressive and should be strongly rejected.

We must protect and defend the right to life of the unborn. That is what I have chosen to do, in taking a pro-life stance, as a politician.

I was suspended for three months by my party for my stance against abortion. I haven’t made any decision regarding my future in the Sinn Féin party.

As a republican with strong pro-life views, I feel that we, as a society, have no right to decide who lives or dies, as equality is for all.

We have no right to extinguish the right to life of the unborn baby. I would urge people to vote ‘no’ to the extreme proposal in the referendum on May 25.

We must uphold our values as a caring society that embraces all and which fights for social justice and for the rights of all citizens.

As Irish people, we must also uphold the values of the 1916 proclamation and cherish all the children of our nation equally. I believe that the Irish people will do just that on May 25.

Carol Nolan is a Sinn Féin pro-life TD, who has been suspended by the party for breaking ranks and supporting a no vote

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