GameTech: Looted and booted for ‘Fortnite 8’

Season 8 of ‘Fortnite’ has brought some nifty new features, including fun pirate cannons.

So, pirates finally came to Fortnite. The only surprise was how long it took. Online gamers might like loot, but pirates — they live for loot.

As we become accustomed to Fortnite Season 8, let’s take a quick look at some of the changes that were made and some of the challenges for Week 3.

For a start, some cool new areas (and one very hot one) were added to the island. There’s Lazy Lagoon, where you can find a pirate ship bobbing in the middle of the lake, which has also led to many of the previous areas being overtaken by black flags.

Then there’s the volcano, which had been threatening to erupt in Wailing Woods for most of last season and is now finally in full flow. You can land on the outskirts of the volcano, or you go directly into the belly of the beast. Thankfully the bouncy lava doesn’t kill you in one shot, although it does do damage.

Lastly, there’s Sunny Steps, which seems to be modelled after the Incas and is a coastal location. People already seem to have earmarked it as a good landing spot. If you enjoy the silly side of Fortnite, then you’ll like the new pirate cannons, which can be used to fire cannonballs at enemy camps or even fire yourself high into the sky.

Meanwhile, Epic have made a slight change to the challenges this week, with one allowing players to complete the task across a series of locations. Usually, those have been named location challenges that require you to go to a specific spot. However, in the case of one challenge, you’ll be travelling across different areas of the map destroying cacti, collecting ammo and searching for chests. The remainder of the challenges follow more traditional goals this week, ranging from placing traps to getting headshots to using specific weapons to get eliminations.

Overall, Season 8 of Fortnite is more of the same, but done to the usual high standards that Epic have shown in building their behemoth shooter. Interestingly, one final change shows their ability to react to the market and competitors.

They have added ‘pinging’ to Season 8, allowing players to point out enemies and interesting locations on the map. This much-requested feature is directly copied for Apex Legends, which now has over a million players since its launch just a month ago.

Devil may cry

Parents all over Ireland might be calling Fortnite the devil (or an angel, depending on your kids), but the real demons are found in other games. Devil May Cry has made battling hellspawn the most stylish pastime on consoles, with the lead character Dante epitomising cool as he switches between blade and guns while juggling enemies in the air and making ice-cold quips in the process.

In fact, in Devil May Cry 5 the very goal of the game is to be stylish. Sure, there’s a fantastic campy plot involving Dante and the other playable characters, (the brash Nero and the moody poet V) but really, your job is to kill demons in the smoothest, most balletic fashion possible.

Capcom have done a superb job of making each of the three characters completely unique, so that Devil May Cry 5 can be played through numerous times, across multiple difficulty settings, with each of the leading men. This is probably the best Devil May Cry yet and the best action-slash game outside the Bayonetta series. Devilishly good.

Mistake stays

Better the devil you know, some people say. Well, in the case of Anthem, the developers Bioware caved in to player demand and made a recent loot ‘mistake’ in the game a permanent feature. After players enjoyed a brief period of play where high-tier items were dropping with more frequency, Bioware decided to make Masterwork and Legendary items drop more often when fighting high-level enemies.

This is part of an ongoing strategy by the developer to listen to gamers and make the appropriate changes.

“All I’ll say on this is that Anthem is here to stay,” wrote a lead developer on Reddit. “Do we have a lot of work to do to fix parts of the game? Yes, and the team is committed to making improvements and releasing new content.”

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