Online Lives: Meet travel blogger Tara Povey

New Zealand-born Tara Povey runs her blog,, from her home in Ireland, writes Denise O'Donoghue.

Although she is a licensed pharmacist, Tara says she first started blogging by accident.”I got into travel blogging sort of by accident,” she says.

“I was looking for a way out of pharmacy, which was making me completely miserable, so I decided to go travelling for a while. I met a guy who ran a travel blog and he helped me set mine up since I knew nothing about the techie side of it.”

Tara says she hopes her writing inspires her readers to take a leap into the unknown.

"My blog is all about travel and my life in general. I’m always off somewhere meeting new people and trying something crazy like ninja training in Japan, ice climbing in Finland or zip-lining from a volcano in the Philippines. What I really want my blog to do is to inspire people to face their fears and live the life they’ve always wanted.”

As well as her blog, Tara shares photos of her many adventures on her award-winning Instagram account, @whereistarablog, which has over 40,000 followers.

“I love Instagram because it’s so visual and I have a nice little community of followers on there. I’ve been lucky enough to win a couple of awards for my Instagram. I just won Best Irish Travel Instagram Acccount at the Travel Media Awards, which was such an incredible feeling.”

Tara says she sees connecting with others on social media as a huge advantage.

”What I most enjoy about it is how much I can learn, how easily I can contact people and build connections/relationships and how you can discover things and places that you would never previously have been exposed to. “I also love that social media can open doors and give people incredible opportunities. Plus, have you seen how funny people are on Twitter? Irish people are particularly hilarious on Twitter. I could waste my entire day reading Irish tweets. We’re hilarious.”

Although beneficial, she also notes that social media can be draining. The isolation that sometimes comes with working for yourself or working from home is sometimes challenging. “There was also a time where I found myself being majorly negatively affected by social media.

“I would see my peers being successful and it would make me feel like I wasn’t achieving anything, which wasn’t true at all but it made me feel that way. So now, if I ever start to feel like that I take a break and do a bit of a digital detox.”

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