Online Lives: Margarita Ribot

UCD student Margarita Ribot is from Spain, but loves sharing Mediterranean recipes on her blog.

“I grew up enjoying a healthy, Mediterranean diet and lifestyle,” she says.

“I love cooking Mediterranean recipes and my best memories of home include food, family, and friends around a table, the Mediterranean way.”

The certified nutrition and health coach posts her recipes in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

“On my award-winning health blog, Tasty Mediterraneo, I share healthy vegetarian recipes from the Mediterranean diet in four languages to encourage my readers from all around the world to cook healthy meals at home.”

Margarita tailors her content to suit busy lives on a budget.

“On my blog, I show my readers that healthy eating is possible, even on a restricted budget. They only need to take the time to cook healthy meals at home and to eat less fast food and processed meals. I show them that cooking can fit in a busy lifestyle by sharing healthy, nutritious, affordable and very easy-to-prepare Mediterranean recipes, most of them ready in 30 minutes or less.”

She loves hearing from people who read her blog and try her recipes.

“What I love the most is when people come back to me, either through private messages or through comments on my recipes and/or social media, letting me know that they love my recipes and the nutrition information I share with my posts. Knowing that I am making a positive impact on my community of readers’ lives gives total sense to the many hours invested in working on my blog.”

Margarita gave up her career to focus on her love of food. She is not looking back.

“I decided to take a break from work to focus on my passion for nutrition and health and, four years later, I can say I am not going back to my previous career.”

She says it is not a decision anyone should make lightly.

“When you take the decision of changing your career, it can be difficult at first. In my case, I had to invest in my education in nutrition and it can take time until you start making money.

“Personally, I was well-organised and I had savings that allowed me to live during that period, but it can be tough.”

Margarita has found support from her fellow bloggers in Ireland.

“The Irish blogging community is fantastic,” she says.

“The Irish food-blogging community has always been very supportive and I can happily say I have very good friends within this community.”

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